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This is a body of work that can be broken into two parts.


Part 1: The inner world of a protagonist who lives in the existence that resonates with the roots of 'The Philosophy of Mexican-ness'. This is appropriately summarised by Carlos Alberto Sanchez and Robert Eli Sanchez, Jr:


"‘Mexicans are creatures of melancholy,’ he writes, making clear that he is not referring to a psychological disposition toward sadness, but to an ontological condition of being groundless and, more to the point, of being conscious of one’s lack of permanent foundation. ‘Ontologically speaking’ – a phrase Uranga repeats – the Mexican is an ‘accidental’ being." <link>


These are extracts of her thoughts; coming together to create an incomplete yet telling picture of her world.


Part 2: As an an extension of part 1. Part 2 is a reaction to the opposite position to the philosophical underpinnings of Part 1. 

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