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After being invited, this software application was made to form part of an submission to Space Plicnik Initiative Open Call. The concept was developed in collaboration as part of the collective

This project approaches the space as the possibility for a science fiction botanical garden. Taking the botanical garden, for its Philanthropic elements of providing " the discovery and dissemination of facts concerning" objects of material culture. 

This space intends to create an illusory institution "for [...] information and recreation [for users].

The garden houses objects of material culture in, structures using the case and plated glass architectural language of The Crystal Palace. The purpose of the greenhouse structure alluding to the maintenance of the object's origin. 

By transporting users to the contexts from which these objects exist. The project allows users to better engage with the everyday practices assigned to these objects and perhaps to better understand the collective consciousness of these regions.

To use the app -

download zip file at link location below. Unzip on a local drive. And double click on dintho.exe file. Voila!

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