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Me & My Things

The starting point of this particular investigation into myself is the confines of my room. The four walls that house objects which I automatically assume to be assigned to my identity.

The findings and studying of perhaps, banal objects starts to create this image of who the room could belong to. The studies are done on pages of the same proportions of the walls of the room.

The black squares are the features of the room that define the space significantly. The door, the light switch, the cupboard, the window, the bed and the bedside drawers. The proportions of these in relation to the page give a clear idea of the room, the feeling of the room. They invoke that familiarity in me.

The dark charcoal also creates this feeling that there’s more past the proportions, that the door could be open to a dark, narrow passageway; the drawers full of objects forgotten and in the dark. This also gives the objects another scale and importance to what they would have in reality, as things displayed on my walls. Bringing me to the question, why?In this search I had the urgency to come to the realization of someone, a whole identity which could be view, document, maybe adjust but as this desire grows and endeavours reveal themselves they immediately withhold any full picture as, Keith Deitrich, said, “Our view is always mediated - we understand through glass, through lenses and apertures.” Our understanding of ourselves and world will never be whole or complete. The closer we get to the truth, the further it recedes from us. This also showcased in the documentation of the drawings, making the lenses and apertures we see the work through evident, revealing the possible fallacies of observation.

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