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Borrowing from discourses related to the extinction of world(s) by Frederico Campagna, Anna Tsing and T.J Demos; and departing from approaches constructed by Denise Ferreira da Silva, and esoteric practices from religious practices; I have created for myself an emancipatory form of rehumanisation, and presented the process as an aesthetic artefact dedicated to the practice of new world-building.

In her 2020, INFINITY minus infinity essay Denise Ferreira da Silva elucidates that - the world as we know it stems from false “universality understood as formal determinacy”. That is, the genealogy of thought that successfully replaced syllogism with mathematical necessity, forming the ontology of modern ideology. This can be demonstrated in modern formalized syntax: [pain] spoken and understood as medical; [time] spoken and understood as continuous with a past, present and future; [value] spoken and understood through capital. As a result, modern thought has “shown us a Nature that is grand and universal but also passive and mechanical. Nature [as] a backdrop and resource for the moral intentionality of Man, which could tame and master Nature.” (Anna Tsing, pg vii, 2015) A world that has led to the violent, unsustainable modus operandi of modern existence. Moving beyond this storytelling allows for ways of living that better prepare society against precarity that “once seemed the fate of the less fortunate”, but now proves to include all human life.

As the world as we know it is becoming increasingly violent, isolating, and unsustainable. This piece looks to step outside the ontological basis of modern thought and leave a cultural artefact for the post-future with the hope that it may be useful for creating new ‘worlds’ that are more compassionate. The visual piece makes is the process of making the internal, external and the external, internal through:

  • prose;

  • documented discussions;

  • footage of a personal mythic ritual;

  • sounds of the space where the ritual took place;

  • the logic of Denise Ferreira da Silva INFINITY minus infinity formulation rendered in a new conception of time through coded simulation;

  • a marker of conventional rhythm of time;

all as a means of creating a new language, time (rhythm) of narration and aesthetic that challenge the current ideologies that form the basis of the current world.

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